Influence of appearance of a man on the intensity of orgasm in women

A harmony between a man and a woman depends on a good psychological compatibility but a sexual compatibility and sex constitution of partners is also very important. And if it is absent, it may have a negative effect on relationship.

Knowing a sexual character of each other will help to know a sexual compatibility, to better understand and feel each other. A character of the sexual behavior may be often estimated by an appearance of a man.

They say that an appearance of man does not matter for a woman because in most cases women are attracted by mind, male strength and character. But is it true?

Most women consider handsome men a womanizer who are not able to have feelings and long-term relations. However, a handsome, tidy man will be beloved and attractive for a woman. The appearance of a man is very important at the first stage of the relations, and this factor influences on the development of an affection causing a man and a woman to communicate.

And if we consider the sexual life, an appearance plays a great role. Sexuality is not only an internal energy but also a visual correspondence to the required wishes formed in a woman’s head. In other words, if you meet all features of the appearance, it means that a woman will have sex with you.

This conclusion has been made as a result of the sociological study where more than 6 000 women took part in America.

Handsome men are more attractive. And if a female sexual drive grows, more hormones are produced in her body, and they increase orgasm during the sexual intercourse.

In fact, more attractive men give women an orgasm faster, and the intensity of the orgasm is higher. It is related to the production of hormones as a reaction to the visual reaction of a woman.

The same happens in men. The more he likes her body, the more hormones responsible for libido are produced. As a result, it will lead to more intensive sex and orgasm.

But bear in mind that every woman has her own ideal man. We cannot say that all women have the same criteria of beauty. Therefore, there is an opinion that mind and male power attract a woman most of all.

An ideal man (in the context of the classical canons of beauty) may be not attractive for a woman. He may seem weak and unconfident, he may not have a masculine power and a male character. And so, a woman will not have an attraction to this man. And even if they have a slight crush on him, a sexual intercourse will not bring any satisfaction. Therefore, many women use stimulants that help to have an intensive orgasm.

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