Stereoscopic microscopes

Techniques for a natural hairline

A hair transplant will restore your own naturally growing hair, into thinning areas and areas of complete loss. The most important element of your hair transplantation is in achieving a completely natural appearance as your hair grows in. By combining an artistic eye for detail with the advanced medical techniques available today, our surgeons have perfected the methods of single follicular-unit grafting. “Follicular-unit” transplantation is a method of hair restoration where the hair is transferred exclusively in its naturally occurring, individual follicular units. Each follicular unit typically contains between 1 to 3 hairs.

It is extremely important that these follicular units are kept together as they naturally occur. Hair follicles consisting of one hair can readily be used to create a natural hairline, while the grafts bearing 2-3 hairs are blended further back to provide increased density as needed. Single follicle grafting is the ultimate in the natural hair replacement process. With proper angulation in graft placement and utilization of the most advanced techniques, a natural hairline is re-created for the patient in a matter of hours.

Procedure Summary

A typical procedure takes 3-7 hours, depending on the session size. The patient remains awake and virtually no discomfort is experienced, with great detail devoted to anesthetizing the donor and recipient areas. Our goal is to keep you well informed and comfortable throughout your procedure. Patients may take a break for lunch or relax and enjoy watching a movie as the process is being completed. Patients leave the procedure with no post- operative bandages and are able to return to work with no noticeable evidence of the procedure. Because it is considered to be such a minor cosmetic procedure, all you have to do now is return home and wait for your newly transferred hair to begin to grow. Typically, you will start to see results in 10-12 weeks after your process.

We treat every patient as a unique case, and focus on your individual care as our highest priority. Our entire staff will make sure that you receive the highest level of professional care from your initial consultation, through your procedure and post operative care, to ensure your complete and lasting satisfaction.

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