All of these patients were, at one time, in the same situation that you may find yourself to be in right now…looking for a REAL answer to thinning hair. Click above to find a patient profile similar to yours…and see what your results could look like just a few months from today.

“My confidence has vastly improved as a direct result of this transplant and my post-op care, and a girl who had not seen me in months commented yesterday on how great my hair looks.”  









Before hair restoration 2300 Grafts After 2,300 grafts









Before hair restoration 2000 Grafts After  6 months

Nearly all of our patients are willing to openly discuss their hair restoration experience and American Hair Transplant Centers will provide you with the information so that you can contact them directly, confidentially, at your convenience.

AMERICAN HAIR TRANSPLANT CENTERS….”You can feel like yourself again.”


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