What distinguishes American Hair Transplant Centers from local clinics and nationwide chains that offer hair restoration?
Hair restoration is an investment in yourself.
Save 30-40% on that investment at American Hair Transplant Centers.
  • You’ll find that our professional fees are reasonable and affordable to every budget, while offering you the highest standard of excellence in hair restoration.  We focus on hair restoration, not on multi-million dollar nationwide marketing campaigns. Consequently as our patient, your investment is dramatically reduced.
  • Utilizing the most advanced microscopic technology in the science of hair restoration, we are able to transfer 2 to 3 times more grafts than lesser techniques. By transferring more grafts in one session, up to 9,000 hairs, patients routinely save 30-40% when compared to alternative methods, which usually require a series of treatments over several years in order to achieve an adequate density.
  • For less than $1 a day, you can once again have your own naturally growing hair.
  • With $0 down financing, and monthly rates starting at just $49 a month, we’ve made this incredible process affordable for every budget.
       We guarantee your results.
  • Our exclusive guarantee that your new hair will grow is given to you in writing!
  • We also guarantee the exact number of grafts you will receive…instead of offering a vague estimate of coverage area.


Pioneers in the use of high powered stereoscopic microscopes. 
  • Since the early 1990’s, our surgeons have employed high powered microscopes in hair restoration.
  • The use of these microscopes allows our medical team to precisely see every available donor hair and maximize the number of transferred grafts. This provides our patients the maximum density to thinning areas and areas of complete loss, without wasting precious donor hairs.
  • Without the aid of microscopes, lesser techniques are only able to transfer a fraction of the available donor hairs simply because of the inability to clearly see them.
  • When researching, you have to ask yourself… “Why would a clinic not use the most advanced medical technology available to insure that I get the best results?”
Specialists in Hair Restoration.
  • Our surgeons are specialists in the field of hair restoration, and are members of The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. They have each performed thousands of hair transplant procedures and transferred millions of grafts.