You can finally stop worrying about your hairloss….there is a real alternative that’s natural, guaranteed and affordable. Finance with $0 down, from $49 a month.


Add up to 9,000 naturally growing hairs in just one visit.

The use of high-powered microscopes allows our medical team to see every single available donor hair, allowing our patients to get the maximum number of hairs in just one visit. We are able to transfer up to 9,000 hairs in one session, offering our patients the largest single sessions available today in North America.


For most patients no repeat visits are necessary.

Don’t let anyone tell you that your hair restoration needs to take years of repetitive visits. Because of the limitations of lesser techniques, and relative inexperience in the specialty of hair restoration, many local clinics are able to transfer no more than 1,000-1200 grafts in a single visit. Don’t let their inexperience make this a costly and long term proposition. At AHTC, just one visit is all it takes for most of our patients to restore the density that they want. In some cases, patients with more extensive patterns of loss may require a second visit as well to provide maximum density. Within 6 months, these patients may be able to have 15,000 actual hairs transferred with our extremely refined technique.



We specialize in hair restoration.


You want a specialist when it comes to your hair restoration. Unfortunately for patients, many doctors in smaller markets only perform 1 or 2 hair transplants a month. Rarely, if ever, does this relative lack of experience benefit the patient. At American Hair Transplant Centers our medical team specializes in surgical hair restoration every day of the week, not just as another offering among a list of cosmetic services. After all, your hairline is too important to trust with anyone who doesn’t specialize in hair restoration.







“Restore your hair…For Life!”







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